Importance of Stress Management

In today’s society stress seems hard to avoid. More and more people go on medications to manage their stresses each day. There are stresses due to the uncertainty of employment, growing demands at work, mortgages, family, relationships, health and the list goes on. These stresses are most likely not going to go away, but the important thing is finding a way to manage them because the damage that stress has on our health is very serious.

When you think of health risks caused by stress I am sure that the first ones that come to mind are high blood pressure and heart damage. Something that is often overlooked is the role that stress plays in our immune systems. Studies have shown that people who are under stress are more susceptible to catching colds. In addition people who have suffered life traumas such as the loss of a loved one or who are under stress for prolonged periods of time are more prone to infections and suppressed immune systems.

The immune system is responsible for keeping us healthy and fighting off diseases. The cells that make up our immune system when we are 50 are the same as the ones that we are born with, so it is very important to take care of our immune system. These cells are with us for life aging the same as we are and carrying with them the memory of all that they have experienced; stress, exposure to allergens, immune suppression and diseases. When exposed to stress repeatedly our immune system is constantly suffering due to the over production of suppressor T cells and that leaves an imprint on your immune system cells that carry with you for life.

While moving to Tahiti and living a life of blissful relaxation is probably not an option most of us, there are ways to manage stress without fully abandoning all responsibility. Exercise, yoga, meditation, positive affirmations and scheduled relaxation time can be great outlets for managing stress. Taking a short run or walk around the block can be a great way to unwind. Yoga and meditation help reduce stress and also help expand your focus and ability to clear your mind. Every person is different, so finding your personal way to manage stress is key. Whether your way is soaking in a bubble bath, doing yoga or hitting the pavement, your health depends on finding a way to keep your stresses to a minimum. Once you find healthy ways to manage stress, you will notice that you get fewer colds and even have fewer allergies.