Success Mindset: Three Brain Optimization Clients

“Client Kristen delves into how clearing her brain programs empowered her to shift into a new career”

“Client Ellen, a nurse educator, discusses her incredible health outcomes with the program. She delves into how coaching was more effective for her than being in the patient role”

“Client Jihan discusses her improvement in anxiety and sleeplessness with the program. She also delves into the connection between emotions & pain. Connecting the physical body to the emotional body.”

Master Your Migraine Coaching Clients

“Client Denise discusses how to stop chasing symptoms away. Shifting the focus to the root cause allowed her to achieve harmony of mind and body”

“Client Wendy reveals how trying to fix her brain with supplements and diet was NOT the answer.
Learn what she discovered was the KEY to eliminating decades of pain and finding her balanced self”

“Client Lee discussed how having a template & program, along with working with a coach helped her achieve the goal of finding her authentic self after years of serving others”

Why should you invite
Dr. Gokani to speak?

A highly sought after speaker, Trupti Gokani, MD has delivered inspiration and insights to a wide range of audiences; from large corporations, health institutions and hospitals to intimate retreat centers, yoga studios, and private events.

With a lifetime devoted to the study of medicine and over 15 years of clinical field experience, Dr. Gokani’s brand of holistic wellness has proven time and time again to leave audiences with equal parts actionable health strategies and optimism.

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Coaching Programs

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Master Your Migraine course with Trupti Gokani. Trupti was phenomenal–so supportive, knowledgeable, positive, and insightful. She was (and still is) entirely invested in my healing journey. I have incorporated many of the course’s techniques and strategies into my daily routine which have improved my sleep quality 100% and lessened my headaches to about 1 mild headache per month, down from 2-4 per month. I fully anticipate becoming headache free as I continue to improve. The course helped me have a greater understanding of my body’s system and how to keep it balanced. I had so much fun participating and learning!
Mary Doyle, MYP Coaching Program Participant

I have been suffering from chronic migraines for over 20 years. I signed up for Trupti Gokani’s coaching program and greatly benefited from it. As I did the work over the 10 weeks and followed her supplement protocols, my system became more resilient and I had an improved threshold for pain.
I found that I was less triggerable and weather induced migraines did not affect me as much. I would highly recommend her coaching program to anyone who is seeking to live a more complete life with less pain.
David Farley, MYP Coaching Program Participant

My time with Dr. Trupti was incredible. I have never done anything like this before but Dr. Trupti was the perfect guide for a new journey. Through our 12 week coaching sessions we dove deep into learned behaviors, patterns and cycles and how they manifest and appear in other aspects of my life – specifically the physical manifestation of migraines. Prior to working with Dr. Trupti, I was experiencing low level tension headaches 5 – 6 days a week and intense migraines 2 – 3 times a month. By the end of our time together my headaches and migraines had dramatically reduced to 1 – 2 tension headaches a month and migraines almost entirely eliminated.

Not only did she help me understand HOW and WHY those headaches were appearing but gave me simple tools to navigate recurring challenges on my OWN.
I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Trupti. The time and care she devotes to her patients and the deep multi modality knowledge she clearly has and weaves into her treatment plans and coaching treatments is incredible.
I hope I have the opportunity to continue to work with her moving forward.

Thank you Dr. Trupti!Jessie Svec, Coaching Client focusing Career & Physical Health

The Coaching work I have done over the last 3 months with Coach Trupti has been so incredibly helpful….! I have read many books on personal growth and self help, along with working with innumerable practitioners over the years

I started with a lifelong experience of high and near-constant anxiety, a belief that the world was not a safe place and a strong desire to exert control over as much as possible. Through this work, I’ve had my first experiences of moments without anxiety – so unusual that I didn’t even have words for what I was experiencing.

For me, the most powerful part of the program was the identification of my Limiting Beliefs and the release of those beliefs from my unconscious programming. Because I no longer “own” those beliefs using the NLP model and MER work, the “moving forward” pieces (which I’ve tried in various other forms before) have been able to take root and blossom. Changing some of my habits and behaviors has been so much easier.

I feel blessed to have been able to go through this process and look forward to continued evolution!
Linda Hopkins, Coaching Client working on Spiritual & Physical Health

Workshop Testimonials

John Cianciosi, Director of Public Programs, Theosophical Society in America

“Dr. Trupti is an excellent and enthusiastic speaker with a very compelling personal story that was quite interesting to the audience. A few days later, Dr. Trupti conducted a three hour workshop titled “Stress and Your Body Type: Using Ayurvedic Medicine for Healing.” This event was one of our best attended programs and it was extremely well received. The presentation was well-organized and well presented. It was clear that Dr. Trupti wishes to help people benefit from the Ayurvedic healing tradition. She is sincere and compassionate, yet she is also very skillfully in her presentation and very knowledgeable about the subject. I highly recommend her work and presentation.”

Katrina Falor, Red Mountain Resort, Wellness Coordinator

“Dr. Trupti Gokani never fails to fill our conference rooms when she is giving talks here at Red Mountain Resort. Her unique approach of fusing eastern and western medicine to deal with pain and anxiety brings participants a holistic and effective alternative to dealing with pain and other issues that arise in everyday life. She is engaging, compassionate and manages big crowds with ease. It’s always a pleasure hosting her as one of our fabulous wellness experts”

Is it possible to have a mind that is strong, harmonious and balanced in a chaotic world defined by complexity? How about one that harnesses the stresses of the day instead of being overwhelmed by them? Today’s average American is continuously connected to work and family, bombarded with new and emerging trends, and exposed to significantly more of our world than our ancestors were. This leads many of us to ponder the same question: is it possible to find calm in today’s world of stimulation? Many of us believe that we need stress in order to be productive. This is simply untrue.

In dynamic and interactive fashion, Dr. Gokani brings over 15 years of experience practicing the principles of ancient wisdom, including dietary planning, mindfulness, breath work, yoga and health supplements, to connect her audience to their unique mind-body (dosha) type. The audience will then be taken into the world of modern medicine and develop strategies to integrate ancient eastern philosophy and wisdom with the western medicine of today. This seminar is one of the most popular due to the practical concepts and solutions offered to each participant, and the strategies provided to help participants create a calmer mind by connecting with our unique, authentic nature.

Previous Zira Clinic Patients

I found Dr. Gokani at a time when I needed a doctor the most. I had been under extreme stress at work with late nights, little sleep and a poor diet. With Trupti Gokani’s guidance and easy to follow instructions, I was able to transform my entire life in a month. It is her desire to help each individual along with her inherent understanding of the body as a whole that empowered me to rewrite the course of my health. She is one of the most talented and trusted doctors I have had the privilege of working with. She truly believes in the interconnectivity of the mind, body, soul and looking at these components as a whole to understand your current state of health. Dr. Gokani and her assistant Jackie are some of the loveliest people. I walk out of my appointments filled with positive vibes and inspiration. It is so fulfilling working with doctors that not only listen, but understand and encourage you on your health journey. I am extremely thankful for the ways Dr. Gokani and her team have changed not just my health, but also my life.

Hayley Miller, Zira Center Patient

I have suffered from daily headaches since I was 5 years old. I used to miss school or work 2-3 days per month due to the severe pain. Now I’m having months without missing school or work. I have been surprised with how well I feel and how quickly! I’m 35 yrs. old and I have days with pain freedom now!S.C., Zira Center Patient, after a few months on Dr. Gokani’s protocol

You must try Trupti Gokani. I can tell you that within two visits she had given me my life back. And while finding the right mix of medications is, of course, essential, a huge part of it is also the fact that she listens and understands. She has a gift, and she takes the time to share it with her clients whole heartedly.

Ashley Page, Zira Center patient

If you are suffering with migraines and have not ever gotten relief, see Trupti Gokani. She will find a way to help you after assessing your diet, sleep habits, stress level, meds, vitamin deficiencies, and anything else in her “bag of tricks.” She is brilliant, who has allowed me, and many people I’ve referred, to live practically migraine free for years. End of story!
Marci Adilman Kayne, Zira Center patient

I found Trupti Gokani after going to the Diamond Headache Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic and seeing tons of neurologists that just wanted to drug me up. I truly believe and understand that every person is different and every pain is different. I love her energy, her spirit and the way she helps people! She is a blessing in my life!

Jennifer D’Agostino, Zira Center patient

I have seen Trupti Gokani for over 10 years. She has studied Ayurvedic medicine extensively and brings her knowledge of this ancient medical practice and blends it with modern medicine. My experience has been very positive, and I would encourage others to seek her expertise in finding solutions for living a life without pain.

Karen Phillips, Zira Center Patient

You have to be your own advocate, but now I finally feel like I have another advocate. I truly believe I am close to a breakthrough and there will be a time when I can look back over a month and say I only had 2 or 3 headaches and tylenol took care of it!

Elizabeth Kurtzweil, Zira Patient