Transform your life: Health & Wellness
Coaching Intensives with Dr. Gokani

As a board-certified neurologist with a decade of clinical experience, I’ve dedicated my life to developing a unique, groundbreaking blend of modern medicine and ancient philosophy. While I thrive on sharing my wellness strategies with audiences around the world, making a difference in the lives of individuals is my true passion; that is the objective of our intensive sessions.

My Coaching Philosophy

In private, face-to-face intensive sessions, I’m focused on helping you learn to speak your unique mind-body language. Most people hold misconceptions about, or simply don’t know, what activity, diet and lifestyle choices make them feel balanced, calm and happy. Consider your neighbor who religiously goes for a run each morning. While this activity may energize her mind and support the physical health of her body, it may actually be counterproductive for you.

We’ll start by breaking down the aspects of your unique nature and identifying strategies which will push you toward an optimal mind-body balance and start the process of healing. We isolate the holistic wellness strategies and remedies you should consider to achieve and sustain a stress free mind and body in combination of, or as a replacement to, your current pharmaceutical remedies. My clinical and holistic wellness backgrounds can help provide you a single clear picture of the inputs you should prioritize to encourage balance between your body and mind.

The goal of intensive sessions is for my patients to leave with an understanding of the deep, innate connections between their own mind and body, armed with powerful strategies and remedies that will place them on a path to physical wellness and a focused, calm, and balanced mind.

What Should You Expect?

Each intensive consists of a half day, face-to-face, private session with Trupti Gokani, MD. After your time with her, select videos from Dr. Gokani’s Optimal Mind Online Courses will be made available to you. You’ll receive an in-depth coaching call with Dr. Gokani 2 weeks after your intensive to discuss the process of applying your wellness strategies and remedies along with any questions that may have arisen on your journey.

Three levels of intensives are available. Some patients are able to begin feeling physically well and maintaining a balanced, stress-neutral mind after just one intensive. Intensives two and three help you dive deeper, applying the holistic wellness strategies we discuss in the first intensive to the deep connection between the brain and gut as well as hormone response and the phases of detoxification. The latter sessions also include limited supplies of supplements which Dr. Gokani will recommend specifically for you. Specific details of each intensive session are outlined below.