FIT Test + 90 Min Virtual Consult


Hidden food allergies are believed to contribute to many health conditions. For many, ingestion of certain foods may create a hidden allergic response, which may present as digestive issues, headaches, skin reactions, sleep disturbances and/or mood shifts. These symptoms may be mild and thus can easily be missed. The FIT test is a novel test which measures IgG antibodies at the gut level, along with complement levels in the blood stream. This test gives a comprehensive evaluation of the gut-body systemic reaction to a food item.

Due to the complexity of this test, interpretation of the results are given by Ayurvedic wellness counselor and Functional nutrition coach, Trupti Gokani. She has studied food intolerances for over 15 years.

A review of test results in addition to an overview of health goals and a full systems evaluation (not limited to gut health) will be conducted with recommendations given in terms of lifestyle, supplements, diet and other mind-body approaches.

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