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Trupti Gokani is an award-winning, board-certified neurologist, ayurvedic expert and Master Practitioner of NLP. She has dedicated her life to understanding how to move from simply surviving to thriving in all areas of life. Her specialty is whole body health which is mental, physical and spiritual. Due to her expertise in ancient medicine, NLP, and functional nutrition, she’s become a highly sought after speaker and health coach sharing holistic wellness strategies with larger-than-life media personalities like Dr. Oz, global pharmaceutical giants like Teva, various corporations, retreat centers, and individuals with a wide range of challenges. Her goal is to help high performance individuals move from overwhelm, disconnection, and lack of alignment to a state of clarity, focus, high energy and connection with self and others. This enables clients to discover their purpose, thus attracting abundance of health, wealth and relationships.
See her biography HERE for more details on her background.
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