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Update in Headache 2018 Presented by Diamond Headache Clinic

November 17, 2018
All Day
Westin Michigan Avenue hotel, in Chicago, Illinois

Please Join Dr. Gokani as she participates in Update in Headache 2018

Update in Headache 2018 Presented by Diamond Headache Clinic Research and Educational Foundation Saturday,

Saturday, November 17, 2018, at the Westin Michigan Avenue hotel, in Chicago, Illinois (Downtown area).

Enrollment is limited to 250 registrants. Deadline for enrollment is November 9th or sooner based on availability.

Register at:   https://dhc-fdn.org/collections/events/products/update-in-headache-2018-the-westin-michigan-ave-chicago-il 


Past Events

Great Lakes Regional Headache Society Presents: The Headache Update Symposium Cleveland 2018

October 6, 2018
1100 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114

Join Dr. Trupti Gokani at The Headache Update Symposium Cleveland 2018

Saturday, October 6th, 2018 at the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame

Dr. Gokani will be discussing"The Use of Procedural Therapies and Neurostimulation for Headache Management" at 10:25-10: 50 am.

To Register and view the rest of the agenda visit https://greatlakesheadache.org/


Guest Lecturer at Red Mountain Resort, Utah

September 21, 2018
All Day
Red Mountain Resort 435-652-5736 Workshops & Seminars

Date: September 21st-23rd 2018

Where: Red Mountain Resort, UT


Day 1: Connect with Your Brain and Overcome Stress

Day 2: 3 Powerful Shifts to End Cycles of Pain and Anxiety

WE Womens Expo & Jobfair

September 16, 2018

Date: Sunday, September 16th, 2018

Time: Noon-6pm

Where: Waterford Banquets Elmhurst, IL 60126


Unplug & Connect: Addiction Free Pain Management Special Guests: Dr. Trupti Gokani and Dr. Adam Miller

July 26, 2018
Wilmette Theatre

Date: Thursday, July 26th 2018

Time: 7:00pm

Where: Wilmette Theater-Theater 2

Tickets: $20 or 2 for $35 advance/$25 at the door

Jenniffer Weigel's upcoming "Unplug & Connect" program will focus on "Addiction-Free Pain Management," with special guests Dr. Trupti Gokani, MD and Dr. Adam Miller who will share their expertise in treating pain in non-addictive, alternative ways.

An award-winning, board-certified neurologist, Trupti Gokani, MD has developed a revolutionary integrative approach to treating headache pain. She is a highly sought after speaker and health coach, has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, and works with global pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer.

Dr. Adam Miller is a surgeon and an integrative medicine expert who helps patients transcend inefficient, fragmented care. He created a TOP Health model to TREAT existing disease with the very best from Asia and the Americas, then OPTIMIZE health in order to PREVENT future disease.


Optimal Ayurvedic Diet for Body and Mind Infinity Foundation

February 6, 2018
1280 Old Skokie Road in North Suburban Highland Park 847.831.8828

Course# 1731125

Date: Tuesday, February 6th 2017

Time: 7:00pm-9pm

Cost: $40/30 payment 10 days in advance



You may feel overwhelmed with your attempts to eat foods that balance your mind and body. Some recommend going gluten-free, others believe paleo is the answer, while others believe you should follow a raw diet. Simplify how to eat for your mind-body type. This mind-body type is known as dosha in Ayurvedic medicine. Become informed about the energy of food and how you can use food to harmonize your mind, lose weight, and feel optimal. Prepare and taste three ancient recipes to find out how to use spices and food in the Ayurvedic way. Using this ancient system, appreciate how to use food as medicine and truly shift how your view the food on your plate. Eating ayurvedically, understanding ancient medicine supplements and teas, and using the power of the mind to help digestion, as a key concept in improving your health and well-being.

Balancing the Brain in Pain: Using Yoga and Breath to Relieve Cycles of Pain with Trupti Gokani & Erin Ipjian

November 12, 2017
Evolution Yoga 1841 Waukegan Rd, Glenview, IL 60025 (847) 769-9410

Join Dr. Trupti Gokani and Evolution owner Erin Ipjian for an afternoon exploring yoga's approach to living with less pain. This workshop will include a one hour lecture on the ancient principles of Ayurveda and the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, along with their relationship to pain. Following Dr. Gokani's lecture, Erin will lead a one hour, all levels practice designed to balance the lower chakras

Date: Sunday, Nov 12th 2017

Time: 3pm-5:15pm

Location: Evolution Yoga

Cost: $40 preregistered and $50 at door

Time to Detox? Join Us For A Fall Detox!

October 12, 2017
1332 waukegan Rd Glenview, IL 60025 224-521-1212


A fall detox can help balance the digestive fire and prevent winter sickness. Keep your immune system healthy!


Date: Thursday, October 5th 2017

Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Location: 1332 Waukegan Rd Glenview, IL 60025

Cost: $50 per person ($20 will go towards a 10-day detox kit if you purchase one Oct 12th)

RSVP: By Oct 5th 2017

GUEST LECTURER AT RED MOUNTAIN RESORT, UT 2017 "Connect with Your Brain and Overcome Stress" and "Anxiety: How to Manage and Release It"

September 22, 2017
All Day
1275 Red Mountain Cir, Ivins, UT 84738 (435) 673-4905

red-mountain-resort-5 red-mountain-resort-6

Friday 9/22/16 at 8pm: "Connect with Your Brain and Overcome Stress"

Saturday 9/23/16 at 8pm:" Anxiety: How to Manage and Release It"





The Chronic Headache and Migraine Summit

July 10, 2017
All Day


Would you like to learn more to get the root cause of why you suffer with headaches?  Dr. Gokani is part of the upcoming Chronic Headache and Migraine Summit

Attend this educational headache summit from the comfort of your home! It is free if you register online:


Your hosts, Erin, Corey and Marta, are familiar with headache pain; they've all experienced severe headache problems. They found natural medicine solutions, which they now share in their health practices each day.  You will enjoy learning from the unique experts that are interviewed.

Discover in one week what they've spent years learning!  Each conversation will help you see your pain in a unique way!

Fully Vibrant: a Self-Care Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop with Dr. Trupti Gokani & Erin Ipjian, RYT

May 13, 2017
1841 Waukegan Rd Glenview, IL 60025 847-769-9410

Saturday, May 13th 2017 from 3pm-5pm

$40 preregistered, $50 at the door


Understanding the Purpose of Pain: What Ancient Medicine Teaches us about Pain and How to Resolve It.

May 10, 2017
Park Center 2400 Chestnut Glenview, IL 60026 847-657-3510

Wednesday, May 10th from 1pm-2pm

Room 101 at the Park Center Glenview, IL 60026

Fee: Free


Understanding the Purpose of Pain Northshore May 2017

13th National NAMA Conference Keynote Speaker " Understanding the Purpose of Pain: What Ancient Medicine Teaches us about Pain and How to Resolve it"

April 21, 2017
All Day
Double Tree Hotel in Oakbrook Chicago, IL




Integrate Chicago Northwestern Symposium

February 11, 2017
Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine:

Time: 2pm

Living Well with MS Symposium: "The Role of Anti-inflammatory Diet, Blended with Eastern Philosophy, to Quieten your MS- The Amazing Power of What and How you Eat to Heal you From Within"

February 11, 2017
Center of Neurological Disorders

Location: The Regional MS Center

Center For Neurologial Disorders

3237 S 16th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53215

Time: 9am-12pm

Update in Headache

November 19, 2016
All Day
The Westin Michigan Ave

Chicago Skyline

Please join Dr. Gokani as she participates in "Update in Headache" directed by Dr. Merle Diamond

Create a Practice You Love Provider Training Workshop by Dr. Gokani

November 12, 2016
All Day
Glenview, IL 60025


12th National NAMA Conference " How to Use Ancient Wisdom to Heal Pain and Balance Moods

April 17, 2016
All Day
Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, Rhode Island

NAMA 2016


The NAMA program committee was pleased to offer Dr. Gokani the opportunity to present at the 2016 NAMA conference.

Northwestern Integrate Chicago Symposium

February 20, 2016
All Day
Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


Teva Pharmaceuticals Sales Training Meeting

February 2, 2016
All Day
Las Vegas, NV

3-national-sales-meeting-teva-pharmaceuticals-las-vegas-feb-2016-2 4-national-sales-meeting-teva-pharmaceuticals-las-vegas-feb-2016

Guest Lecturer at Red Mountain Resort, Utah

December 3, 2015
All Day
St. George, Utah (435) 652-5736 Workshops & Seminars

Red Mountain Resort

Day 1: Learn from Your Pain and Strengthen your Brain

Day 2: 3 Principles that will Transform your Mind and Increase your Success in Life

Day 3: Connect with the Brain and Overcome Stress by Learning your Unique Mind Body Type


Visit: http://redmountainresort.com/the-resort

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