The Self Under Stress Quiz

How to take The Self Under Stress Quiz:

  1. There are 20 questions in total with three options under each question
  2. The first 10 questions focus on your mind and the next 10 focus on your body
  3. To answer each question, you give each of the three options a rating from 0-5
    A 0 means you dont at all identify with that symptom or emotion when you’re in a stressful state
    A 5 means you very strongly identify with that symptom or emotion when you’re in a stressful state
  4. If you identify with more than one of the symptoms or emotions under each question, try to rate the longer duration, more frequent or more intense symptom or emotion with a higher rating. For example, if you have neck tension one day per week that is mild-moderate, you may give that a 3.  You may have severe throbbing in your right temple one day per month which you may rate as a 3 also. The first symptom is less intense, but more frequent. The second symptom is more intense but less frequent. Both may receive the same score as they have an equal burden on you for different reasons.

Things to note before taking the quiz:

  1. It’s important to imagine yourself in a stressful moment or time (with or without pain) while taking this quiz
  2. There are a couple of questions that ask about tendencies, these are assessing your general nature and help me understand how you may respond under stress. Be aware of those questions when they arise
  3. Because there are only 20 questions, it’s essential that you thoughtfully answer each one
  4. The quiz measures your perception of your mind and body – feel free to give all high ratings if you strongly identify with all answers and vice versa
  5. It’s highly recommended to have at least 1 close confidant (mother, father, sister, spouse, close friend) give their feedback on the answers you provide
  6. For some questions, such as your weather preference, you may not be aware of shifts when under stress. We tend to have certain preferences that shift under stress, but if you’re not aware of these just answer with your instincts and don’t overthink.

Let’s Begin.