The 5 Shifts Our Clients Make to
Balance The Three Brains

(And Succeed in All Areas of Life)

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The secret my clients use to banish their overwhelmed, stressed and fatigued state and live with more energy, sharper focus, and calm, even if they haven’t felt that way in years.

WHY understanding your Three Brain Profile can allow you to align with your soul to uplevel your health, your relationships, and career to attract wealth, health, and love into your life today!

How our clients are achieving deeper connection with themselves, living with less struggle, feeling more aligned with their purpose … And how they’re getting results practically overnight.

Get UNSTUCK and move from uninspired & unmotivated to inspired & enthusiastic… truly passionate with life and living your purpose
How, despite what most experts are saying, there are THREE brains, not ONE, which regulate your moods, sleep, energy, pain and overall well being and the KEY to understanding if yours are in harmony.

The KEY to really strengthening your mind and body, having an ideal weight, strong physique, a positive and sharp mind, and even attracting abundance, by making a few KEY lifestyle shifts and shifting into a self-repair mode and to attract HIGH VIBE opportunities & health.

And how we can create Three brains which work for us instead of against us so we can speak & think powerfully to create successful outcomes in health, relationships & career

Trupti Gokani MD

Trupti Gokani is a Certified coach, Ayurvedic practitioner, Master Practitioner of NLP, and Brain health specialist who has helped men and women achieve clarity, calm, pain freedom, purpose, and happiness in their lives since 2006. She is the founder of Zira Mind & Body Center, the country’s only East-Meets west center, run by an MD, focusing on brain and body health using ancient principles of ayurveda. She runs a 12 week program dedicated to men and women who are ready to transform to a higher level of being through connecting with their authentic self, reprogramming imbalanced brain programs, and creating a new reality which attracts health and abundance.

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Success Stories

The Coaching work I have done over the last 3 months with Trupti Gokani has been so incredibly helpful….!

I started with a lifelong experience of high and near-constant anxiety, a belief that the world was not a safe place and a strong desire to exert control over as much as possible. Though this work, I’ve had my first experiences of moments without anxiety – so unusual that I didn’t even have words for what I was experiencing.

For me, the most powerful part of the program was the identification of my Limiting Beliefs and the release of those beliefs from my Unconscious. Because I no longer “own” those Beliefs, the “moving forward” pieces (which I’ve tried in various other forms before) have been able to take root and blossom. Changing some of my habits and behaviors has been so much easier.

I feel blessed to have been able to go through this process and look forward to continued evolution!

Linda Hopkins

“My time with Dr. Trupti was incredible. I have never done anything like this before but Dr. Trupti was the perfect guide for a new journey. Through our coaching sessions we dove deep into learned behaviors, patterns and cycles, and how they manifest and appear in other aspects of my life – specifically the physical manifestation of migraines, my relationships and my career.

Prior to working with Dr. Trupti, I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed with my career and relationships. I was experiencing low level tension headaches 5 – 6 days a week and intense migraines 2 – 3 times a month. I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed with my career and relationships. By the end of our time together my headaches and migraines had dramatically reduced to 1- 2 tension headaches a month and migraines almost entirely eliminated.

I was more clear on my goals with my career along with my relationships, which allowed me to feel more balanced and calm. Not only did she help me understand HOW and WHY those headaches were appearing, yet also gave me simple tools to navigate recurring challenges on my OWN.

I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Trupti. The time and care she devotes to her patients and the deep multi modality knowledge she clearly has and weaves into her treatment plans and coaching treatments is incredible.

I hope I have the opportunity to continue to work with her moving forward.

I have been suffering from chronic migraines for over 20 years. I signed up for Trupti Gokani’s coaching program and greatly benefited from it. As I did the work over the 10 weeks and followed her supplement protocols, my system became more resilient and I had an improved threshold for pain.

I found that I was less triggerable and weather induced migraines did not affect me as much. I would highly recommend her coaching program to anyone who is seeking to live a more complete life with less pain.

David Farley

I found Dr. Gokani at a time when I need a doctor the most. I had been under extreme stress at work with late nights, little sleep and a poor diet. Through her guidance and easy to follow instructions, I was able to transform my entire life in a month. It is in her desire to help each individual patient along with her inherent understanding of the body as a whole, that empowered me to rewrite the course of my health. She is one of the most talented and trusted doctors I have had the privilege of working with. She truly believes in the interconnectivity of the mind, body, soul and looking at these components as whole to understand your current state of health. Dr. Gokani and her assistant Jackie are some of the loveliest people. I walk out of my appointments filled with positive vibes and inspiration. It is so fulfilling working with doctors that not only listen, but understand and encourage you on your health journey. I am extremely thankful for the ways Dr. Gokani and her team have changed not just my health, but also my life.

Hayley Miller

I have been going to Dr Gokani for over 7 years now. I found her after going to the diamond headache Clinic the Cleveland Clinic and tons of neurologist that just wanted to drug me up. I do believe those medications will take a toll on our organs long-term and I truly believe and understand that every person is different and every pain is different. I love her energy, her spirit and the way she helps people! She is a blessing in my life!
I highly recommend her!
Last week unfortunately I went in with a headache but as I sat in the waiting area for a little while I slowly felt my headache getting better.
Stay healthy, live healthy!
Trust in her she definitely knows what she’s doing!

Jennifer D’Agostino

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Master Your Migraine course with Trupti Gokani. Trupti was phenomenal–so supportive, knowledgeable, positive, and insightful. She was (and still is) entirely invested in my healing journey. I have incorporated many of the course’s techniques and strategies into my daily routine which have improved my sleep quality 100% and lessened my headaches to about 1 mild headache per month, down from 2-4 per month.
I fully anticipate becoming headache free as I continue to improve. The course helped me have a greater understanding of my body’s system and how to keep it balanced. I had so much fun participating and learning! Here is a picture of me taken last week on a vacation with my daughter as we visited my hometown in Michigan.
Mary Doyle

The above statements are truthful statements from real clients. They did not receive compensation for sharing these statements. These testimonials are not a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your particular situation. Their results do not imply that you will have the same or similar experience or results as shared here. Each result can be substantiated. These testimonials are shared purely to educate and inform you about the nature of my work. Please use your own judgment before enrolling in our programs or using our products, and be sure to also consult with your own medical practitioners about any medical issues or conditions you may be experiencing.