Why Do You Need to Stop and Smell the Roses?

Why Do You Need to Stop and Smell the Roses?

Do you know how you feel out of balance when you’re in pain; sometimes to a point where you’re even losing your balance? Let’s just stop for a minute. How do we get back into balance?

I’m Dr. Trupti Gokani. Let’s use headaches and anxiety as an example. If you start to get pain or feel anxious, you become a mouth breather. You hold your breath and you restrict air to yourself and you tighten up. Your body is looking for lots of oxygen that you literally hold your breath as if you’re waiting for something to happen – some people breathe faster through their mouths, as if they were being chased. We immediately think the pain or anxiety has come to interfere with our lives, and it triggers the stress response which forces us to retract from life and hold ourselves in versus go out and live it.

I would like for you to recognize your breath pattern when you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or in pain. Ask yourself why it showed up, pause, and at that moment I have a simple trick to help you. Are you aware of your senses? You know we have these five senses and one of the most powerful yet ignored is the sneeze of smell. When you’re stressed, can you smell? We often do not breathe through our noses when we’re stressed, so a simple trick would be to apply an essential oil, light a candle, get outside and smell some flowers to activate the sense of smell.

Why Do You Need to Stop and Smell the Roses?
Stop and smell the roses to quiet your pain and anxiety.

You know how they say to stop and smell the roses? It’s amazing how powerful that is for your mind and your sense of calm and peace, the pain or anxiety comes on when we’re disconnected and caught up with the world around us. Pausing and enhancing your sense of smell will quiet your pain and anxiety. Breathing through your nose has been shown to harmonize your brain, reduce cortisol, along with our stress, and allow is to see pain for what it is.

Another simple step is to drink some room temperature water or a cup of tea. This rehydrates and calms that body. These tricks allow us to pause, focus on self, and relax the mind.

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Today, I’m offering you 5 Simple Tips on Pain.

I’m going to give you five simple tips. That’s my gift to you, along with some other powerful tools to support you down the road. Like the handout I mentioned, along with training videos and podcasts; you will even have a chance to take an inexpensive program with me that’ll give you an entry point to shift into wellness every single day.

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