Why Do You Need to Stop and Smell the Roses?

Why Do You Need to Stop and Smell the Roses?

We immediately think the pain or anxiety has come to interfere with our lives, and it triggers the stress response which forces us to retract from life and hold ourselves in versus go out and live it.

Is It Time for The Pill?

Is It Time for The Pill? This is how we got into the current opioid crisis.

What do we know about pills? They may work in the short term. Yet, over time, you need to take more and more to get the same relief. They may even worsen your underlying condition.

Do You Know How Pain Escalates?

Do you know how pain escalates?

Pain is a message to let you know that you’re disconnected. Your pain will escalate to a point to crowd out all other things to force you to reconnect to you and your body.

Is There a Purpose of your Pain?

Do you feel that pain has no purpose? Does pain distracts you from your life and removes you from your most important events, even keeping you away from your loved ones? Let’s turn that around by understanding that your pain has a sacred purpose.

When we see pain as your enemy, you are constantly at battle with yourself. This doesn’t help. It, actually, often worsens the situation. We see pain as a foreign invader of our body. Yet, it’s actually quite the opposite.